This little space is a combination of poetry and prose, focusing on themes of self-acceptance, connection, kindness, and self-trust.

Hi, I’m James!

James Kerti

Life is an unfolding, full of many big emotions. Some pleasant, others less so.

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve always felt like you experience emotions that are, well, BIGGER than other people’s.

Big feelings.

Deep feelings.

All the feelings.

I’m coming to believe that for those of us who walk through life in this way, our paths may include lots of intentional emotional healing and growth.

It took me a while to wake up to that.

Maybe you’ve been consciously on this road for a while, or perhaps you’ve joined more recently.

Either way, it can feel like a lot … all the time.

Our journeys may be separate and varied, but they can touch. We can see so much of our own experiences in others.

Life’s challenging emotions like uncertainty, grief, and heartbreak can leave us feeling so perilously alone.

May we find caring and comfort by sharing and connecting — and feel less alone in the process.

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Why write on Substack?

I write in part because, well, I have to. It’s in me. Or it comes through me. I don’t know exactly, but we’re here.

But I also write to help. My experiences and my words aren’t for everyone, but if you’re reading, maybe you feel a connection or a resonance. If so, I hope there’s something here for you.

I’m reminded of Mary Oliver’s words, which have become a north star for me with my writing: “May I be the tiniest nail in the house of the universe, tiny but useful.”

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A few words about me

In addition to being a writer and poet, I also work as an online business manager.

Over the years, my eclectic metaphorical closet has become filled with hats from past jobs that don’t make much sense together, but which nevertheless serve as reminders of the career journey I’ve had. These hats include job titles like “basketball scout” and “elected public official” and “lead tourism and marketing director.”

Those myriad experiences led me to where I am now, which is feeling blessed to get to do work that brings out the best in me with people and businesses I cherish, including The AstroTwins.

I live in Portland, Oregon 🌹 with my cat Delilah. She is a ridiculous Floof.

This is Delilah’s default position.

I can’t promise you that the kind words in this space will support you in feeling as at peace as she is, but it’s a nice aspirational goal, no?

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